Mission - Strategy - Action - Evaluate

What Is the MSAE Framework?


The Mission Strategy Action Evaluate (MSAE) framework is a methodology used to help organizations identify, define and accomplish key business objectives. MSAE consists of the following four pillars:


  • Mission - Create a powerful mission (Envision)

  • Strategy - Develop an effective business strategy (Plan)

  • Action - Execute strategy and remain on task (Implement)

  • Evaluate - Evaluate progress and make adjustments (Review)​


Each phase of the MSAE framework builds on the previous phase and are interconnected. The methodology is a continuously evolving process through which modifications are made periodically over the course of the project, business and or planning process to ensure objectives and strategies remain relevant.

What Are the Benefits?

  • The MSAE principles are simple to understand and apply 

  • Achieve valuable results

  • Reach milestones and targets

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness




Download the following templates to start building your business blueprint:

MSAE Framework

Business Plan

Marketing Plan

Strategic Plan