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Charting the Course for Business Success

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Can you recall your last memorable vacation? A trip where you put away the cellphone and really enjoyed the moment? Let us assume, before embarking on your vacation or weekend getaway, there was a starting point and a desired destination. To help ensure that we arrive safely at our desired destination, we put together a travel plan and literary.

Where are we going and why?

As simple as this may sound, many entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders fail to construct a clear vision of success and communicate the direction for their organization. As a result, organizations find themselves lost in a maze of unproductivity, declining sales and obsolete systems and processes. To successfully navigate the volatility of the marketplace, leaders and employees should be clear on the company mission, vision and strategy.

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What’s driving your business?

A compelling mission and purpose lay the foundation for building a business. The ‘Why’ should be aligned with the company’s mission and values. By aligning your mission, values and strategy, it helps to ensure that the you’re doing the right things for the right reason. Why are you deciding to open a new restaurant? Is there a lack of quality, healthy cuisine in your neighborhood? Are there enough customers to support your restaurant? Without a strong mission and purpose, businesses struggle to overcome organizational challenges, market forces and competition. So, before we begin our trek towards the next milestone, let’s make sure we have a clear vision and compelling mission.

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